Research Assistant for Causality and Mind Lab at Brown University

The Causality and Mind Lab at Brown University (PI: David Sobel) anticipates hiring a full-time Research Assistant (staff) position, starting in Fall of 2019. The successful applicant will contribute to the lab’s research on children’s causal reasoning, developing social cognition, and parent-child interaction, related to a set of NSF-funded projects. The Research Assistant will participate in various lab activities, including developing and implementing study materials, helping in design of experiments, recruiting and testing child participants, coding and analyzing data, monitoring human subject compliance, programming and managing experiments through Matlab or other software environments, operating and managing the lab’s computer systems and apparatus for manual reach tracking, and supervising undergraduate research assistants.

The position is for two years, with a third year possible, contingent on funding.

Required qualifications are:
• BA or BS in Psychology, Cognitive Science or a related field with a minimum of 1 year of experience in a cognitive or developmental research laboratory.
• Experience working with child participants in a research or museum environment.
• Experience collecting and maintaining data from child participants.
• Ability to work independently.

Preferred qualifications are:
• Proficiency in Matlab.
• Knowledge of at least one statistical programming environment (e.g., R, SPSS, Stata) and experience with data analysis.
• Knowledge and experience with video coding.
• Experience working specifically with children between the ages of 3-7.

More information about the lab can be found here.

To apply, please include a CV and a cover letter stating your research interests and experience. Please also include the contact information of three individuals who will act as references.

Interested applicants can apply here.

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