Research Associate for Learning to Talk Lab at the University of Maryland College Park


The Learning to Talk Lab has a new research associate position that is perfect for someone graduating with a BA or MA. Please consider applying!

The Learning to Talk Lab seeks an energetic, detail-oriented, highly organized and innovative individual to support the University of Maryland’s Toggle Talk Project. This is a 5-year project funded by the Institute of Education Sciences of the Department of Education. This is a one-year position with the possibility of renewal dependent upon performance. Researchers in the Learning to Talk Lab at Maryland are partnering with the Baltimore City Public Schools to study the efficacy of ToggleTalk, a language arts curriculum supplement. ToggleTalk provides young children with vocabulary and language structure awareness to become comfortable in switching between their home/informal language and classroom/formal language. ToggleTalk has been shown to improve standardized reading scores in pilot studies. The UMD Toggle Talk project is seeking a full-time coordinator who will be involved in many aspects of the project. He/she will work closely with teachers to support them as they deliver the ToggleTalk curriculum. The coordinator is involved in delivering a one-day professional development on implementation of ToggleTalk to teachers, and in conducting support visits and video-taped observations of both the implementation of the ToggleTalk curriculum and of English Language Arts (ELA) instruction more generally.

The coordinator is in charge of training students to code data collected from the ToggleTalk and ELA observations and is the lead coder for both types of observations. The coordinator also coordinates the work of Instructional Coaches, who are Baltimore City teachers who have taught ToggleTalk for at least one year. The coordinator will also be involved in assessment of students in Baltimore City elementary schools and in supervising undergraduate and graduate student examiners. The position empowers the individual to develop a strong portfolio of experience in working with children in the schools, educational research, community outreach, mentorship, and leadership. The coordinator will become a member of a research lab that employs undergraduate and graduate staff, and will perform additional duties relevant to the everyday operations of the lab.

The project requires an individual who is able to prioritize and manage multiple projects and timelines. This individual should have strong organizational and interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. The successful applicant will be able to work autonomously and collaboratively and have the flexibility to grow, adapt and change as project needs change over the course of the project. The position also affords the coordinator the opportunity to be involved in activities of the Language Science Center and the opportunity to be a co-author on presentations and publications.

Jan Edwards, Professor
Hearing and Speech Science Department
Associate Director, Language Science Center
University of MD – College Park


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