Research Assistants for Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator Project at Boston Children’s Hospital

The Gaab Lab ( and the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDEHA; at Boston Children’s Hospital are looking for several full-time Research Assistants for a large-scale national validation study of our early literacy milestone screener/platform This includes subject recruitment, which will include close interaction with public and private schools as well as day care/preschool centers, scheduling of pediatric research subjects, administration, scoring and interpretation of standardized literacy assessments, database entries, data analyses, and administrative work (e.g., maintenance of internal review board proposals). We are in particular looking for candidates who have experience with the administration of standardized (language and literacy) assessments in young children (preschool/kindergarten age). The position is ideal for anyone considering future graduate study in cognitive (developmental) science, developmental psychology, education (Special Education or reading specialist) or speech and language pathology. Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, education, cognitive science, or related field required. Prior experience with the administration of standardized language and/or literacy assessments is a must. Prior experience with working in a school environment and or with children in the preschool-elementary school age range would be very helpful. Demonstrable pre-existing interest in developmental psychology, (special) education, speech and language pathology desired. Must be self-motivated and able to work in a fast-paced, changing environment and must like working with children and their educators and families. Start date ASAP. Please note that the position is limited to 12 months. In addition to the online application at the BCH portal please send a full application package to including a cover letter and recent CV.


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