Psychoeducational Evaluators for Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator Project at Boston Children’s Hospital

The Gaab Lab ( and the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDEHA; at Boston Children’s Hospital and IDEHA is seeking several part-time psychoeducational evaluators for a large-scale validation study of our early literacy milestone screener/platform The successful candidates will administer several psychometric assessments pertaining to cognitive, language, and reading development, including tests such as the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, the Peabody Vocabulary Test, and the Woodcock Johnson reading Assessment. The position involves conducting sessions of approximately 1.5-2 hours in length with research participants ranging in age from preschool to early kindergarten, as well as the scoring of these assessments. The candidate will work at local schools in the greater New England area (transportation will be provided) as well as Boston Children’s Hospital both at the main (Boston) location and the Waltham location, and must be flexible to work at either of the locations. Candidates should have experience administering psychoeducational assessments and experience working with preschoolers/kindergarteners in assessment settings.  The candidates will work approximately 6-30 hours per week as desired. To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to PI Nadine Gaab (


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