Lab Manager at Computational Cognitive Science Lab at MIT

The Computational Cognitive Science Lab at MIT, directed by Dr. Joshua Tenenbaum, welcomes enthusiastic, motivated and knowledge-thirsty individuals to apply for a full-time lab manager position.

Current research in the lab explores the computational basis of many aspects of human cognition: learning concepts, judging similarity, inferring causal connections, forming perceptual representations, learning word meanings and syntactic principles in natural language, noticing coincidences and predicting the future, inferring the mental states of other people, and constructing intuitive theories of core domains, such as intuitive physics, psychology, biology, or social structure.

This person will work closely with other lab members to assist in all aspects of running the lab and conducting research. This job would be ideal for graduating or recent graduates who are looking for additional research experience before joining a PhD program in Psychology or Cognitive Science. The role of the successful candidate will be the coordination and facilitation of all aspects of research in the lab. This will involve a mix of research and administrative duties, and day-to-day work will vary. Administrative duties include recruiting, training and coordinating undergraduate research assistants, organizing meetings and schedules amongst all lab members and collaborators, assisting with grant preparation, presentations, and applications, planning social events for the lab and more. Research duties will include conducting experiments with adults in the lab and children at the Boston Children’s museum, assisting with data analysis and the preparation of research for publication. Taking an active role in all stages of the research is strongly encouraged, and there will be opportunity to develop independent projects and participate in reading groups and research seminars. There is also an opportunity to take classes and attend many talks at MIT.



  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, cognitive science, computer science, or a related scientific field or discipline (by start date)
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills, computer literacy, an ability to work independently, keen attention to detail, and an interest in cognitive development are a must
  • Research experience (particularly in cognitive development, cognitive science or computer science)
  • Availability for flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends
  • Administrative experience and experience working with children is preferred
  • The applicant should be comfortable interacting with children of all ages, with undergraduate students, and with parents and community members
  • A strong statistical background, and computer programming or web development skills would be very useful
  • Passion about science and a good sense of humor 🙂

Preferred start date is June/July 2018, with a 1 to 2-year desired commitment. To apply, please send an email with Lab Manager Application in the subject line to, and include your CV/resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, and contact information for two references. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with the aim of concluding this search as soon as possible.


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