Research Coordinator for Brazelton Touchpoints Center Evaluation Team at Boston Children’s Hospital

Brazelton Touchpoints Center Evaluation Team

Research Coordinator Job Description

Position Overview:
The Research Coordinator manages and organizes research and evaluation projects and collaborates in study execution and presentation of findings as part of the Research and Evaluation Team.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
1. Coordinates daily operations of research studies. Trains contract personnel in collaboration with Project Director and Principal Investigator. Develops and maintains systems for data collection, tracking, management, and entry.
2. Designs study measures including interviews and surveys.
3. Transcribes interviews and enters and/or supervises entry of qualitative and quantitative data from surveys and other data collection instruments.
4. Develops research protocols in collaboration with the other members of the evaluation team. Assists in preparation of IRB application(s).
5. Develops databases, tracks study data and forms, and implements systems for quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Manages and files qualitative and quantitative data.
6. Conducts and/or coordinates qualitative and/or quantitative data analysis for research and evaluation projects. Develops codebooks and analyzes data using a variety of statistical packages. Codes and analyzes qualitative data. Prepares datasets for both internal and external use.
7. Conducts literature reviews and collaborates in the development of products for dissemination, including evaluation and research reports for funders and participants, articles for journal publication, briefs, monographs, curricula, web-based materials, and posters and presentations for scientific conferences.
8. Assists Project Directors and Principal Investigators in preparing new applications for research funding.

Required and Preferred Knowledge and Skills
1. Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Public Health, or a closely related field plus at least several years of previous project coordination, data management, and data analysis experience. Master’s degree or higher preferred
2. Strong analytical, communication, and writing skills
3. Strong quantitative analysis skills with experience in SPSS, Stata, and/or R
4. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, as well as the ability to think outside the box.
5. Knowledge of screenings and assessments for children and families
6. Ability to travel up to 25% of time
7. Interest in in-depth, detailed narrative research on child trauma and maltreatment
8. Strong qualitative coding skills
9. Some experience working with tribal communities
10. Proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
11. Authorization to work in the United States.

Contact Information

Please send Cover Letter and Resume/CV to Jordan Manchester, Manager, Research Operations, Research and Evaluation, and Dr. Elisa Vele-Tabaddor, Assistant Director, Research and Evaluation,


Melanie Molinaro

Administrative Associate

Brazelton Touchpoints Center

Boston Children’s Hospital

1295 Boylston Street, Suite 320

Boston, MA 02215

(617) 919-1538


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