Lab Manager at Stanford University Social Neuroscience Lab

Open Until Filled
Job Title:
Full Time Lab Manager
Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab

The Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab (PI: Jamil Zaki) invites applications for a full-time lab manager to begin in Summer of 2018.

Our lab’s research focuses on the cognitive and neural bases of social and emotional processes.  Please see for more information on our lab’s focus and ongoing projects.  Primary responsibilities associated with this position will include: a) managing day to day lab business, b) recruitment and testing of human subjects; c) assisting with the design and implementation of behavioral and fMRI experiments; and d) analysis of behavioral and fMRI data.

This position is ideal for motivated college graduates considering graduate school in psychology or cognitive neuroscience.  Lab managers in our group work closely with Prof. Zaki, as well as postdocs and graduate students, on collaborative projects, and gain deep and varied research experience.

Given the advanced research and management skills required for this position, previous experiences conducting independent research, programming in MATLAB, R, and / or Python, and managing teams of people are not required but highly desired.

To apply for the position, please view the application materials here.


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