Sojourner Recovery Services Mental Health Crisis Hotline Internship

Mental Health Crisis Hotline Crisis Consultant

Internship Opportunity
Are you looking for a way to bridge the gap between the educational and professional world?  Do you need to develop interpersonal and clinical skills that you plan to use once you  graduate? If so, Sojourner Recovery Services is currently looking for passionate students to  provide coverage for their mental health crisis hotline. Located in Hamilton, Ohio, the hotline  serves Warren and Clinton Counties providing immediate intervention and resources to at-risk  callers affected by a variety of crises including:
● Mental illness (Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia, etc)

● Suicidal ideation

● Substance abuse

● Sexual and domestic assault

● Information and resource referral

● This internship includes 30 hours of training on the phone and up to 60 hours of clinical  training.

○ Training includes: Crisis de-escalation, active listening, motivational interviewing,  suicide prevention, philosophies of mental health, utilization of community  resources and referral systems, call documentation, accurate empathy and  much more.

○ Proof of completed psychological coursework may entitle you to exemption from  (x) amount of hours of clinical training.

If interested contact:


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