Research Assistant at Georgetown University

Research Assistant, Early Childhood Innovation Network Team, Georgetown University

We are hiring a Research Assistant for our Early Childhood Innovation Network team at Georgetown University! The Early Childhood Innovation Network is a joint venture between Children’s National and Georgetown University aimed at improving children’s well-being by preventing and decreasing the effects of toxic stress and trauma. The Research Assistant will work closely with the research team on a community-based project funded by the DC Department of Health. The Research Assistant will be responsible for conducting literature reviews; assist with recruitment and data collection; assist with data entry, cleaning, and analysis; and help coordinate meetings with project partners.

The ideal candidate will have: a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, public health, or other relevant field; basic knowledge of the principles, processes, and methods of social science research; working knowledge of quantitative or qualitative statistical software (SPSS, STATA, Atlas.ti) and/or mapping software (ArcGIS); experience conducting literature reviews and working in community settings; and an interest in early childhood.

Individuals may apply directly using this link.  If you have a personal recommendation or know someone who applied, please send an email to Hillary Robertson at


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